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What I Collect

There are few items that I collect, one of the items if you asked others would be my collection of Apple products. I’ve loved Apple since reading about them in the mid-2000s, and always remember looking at the products that Camcon (an Apple Dealer that used to be in Edinburgh) had to offer. There were days I would be in there for hours, I must have really annoyed the staff there, but they always seemed very friendly.

The first Apple product I had the pleasure to own was the Apple iPod Nano (2nd Generation). It was so cool, being able to store all those MP3 files on such a small device. This must have been back in early 2007, I’m sure the first Nano came out in 2005, with Steve Jobs pointing to the watch pocket of his jeans and asking, “Ever wonder what that pocket is for?”

Ever since owning my first Apple product, the 2nd Gen Nano, I have always been an Apple product lover, for a while I had this on my business card and Twitter bio. And since then my collection has steadily grown. In 2014 I purchased my first MacBook, a full spec’d out 15-Inch Retina MacBook Pro that I purchased from the Apple Store in Glasgow. From there I have added to my Mac collection with the latest Mac Mini in 2015, which since has never been updated so is still the latest model. I’ve also purchased a few used Mac devices as well. A late 2009 MacBook, which can still run the latest Mac OS updates, a 2005 iMac G5 which sits proudly on one of my shelving units and a late 2003 Power Mac G5, which originally retailed for $1,999.

I also have a fair few iPhone devices in my collection, most of which I have used as my main phone, some I have purchased as used.

  • iPhone 2G – The original iPhone, purchased used and has had pride of place in my collection since.
  • iPhone 3Gs – I now have two of these, one I purchased for my mum, which was easier than trying to support her to use an early Android phone. The second I purchased recently used from eBay, however, it was listed as an iPhone 3G, I only paid a couple of quid since it was in a spare or repair state, which I’m currently working on fixing.
  • iPhone 4s – My first iPhone, and been a big fan since, transferring from the early Android offerings.
  • iPhone 5s – Purchased to allow my mum to be able to get an Apple Watch.
  • iPhone 6 Plus – The first of the big factor iPhone devices to be released, which was big in both size and what it could do.
  • iPhone 7 Plus – The third big factor iPhone which offered the dual camera system and Portrait mode.
  • iPhone X – The first iPhone to feature a bezel-less front as well as FaceID.

My iPod collection isn’t nearly as big, I do have a few but am always looking to expand:

  • iPod Nano 2nd Generation in Silver
  • iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation in Blue
  • iPod Classic 5th Generation in White

Sadly, I have not yet managed to get myself any classic Macs, there are loads online at very reasonable prices, however, due to the size, weight and the handling by the postal service the sellers usually only sell as collection only, and I’ve still to find some near me. If you do have a classic Mac, either in working or none working condition and are near Edinburgh drop me an email – SUBJECT: Classic Mac.

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